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Sensing Technologies

In a world where quality and traceability directly affect the bottom line, vision systems, identification systems, and sensors have become increasingly important in the manufacturing process. Ramco Innovations brings 50+ years of experience to your team in the application, selection, and support of world-class products that will help you improve your process efficiency through detection, inspection, and identification. By combining leading edge products with our passionate people and unequaled service, we will provide you best in class solutions for your sensor technology applications. Please call us today to discuss your applications! Solutions For:
  • Part Sensing
  • Measurement & Inspection
  • Registration Mark & Color Sensing
  • Pressure, Temperature & Level Sensing

Brands We Sell

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We carry quality products from leading manufacturers including:
Banner Turck Omron Eaton Encoder

Potential Applications

  • Bottle Cap Inspection
    Bottle Cap Inspection After bottles are filled and capped, they are conveyed under a diffuse sensor at close range, before they are packed in cartons. The diffuse sensor, operating in fixed-field mode, detects missing or misaligned caps—regardless of color—and triggers the line to reject uncapped bottles.

    Because the sensor uses fixed-field mode, it responds when a cap is not at the exact distance from the sensor that it should be.

Popular Products

We carry thousands of products from dozens of leading manufacturers. Here are some examples:

  • Banner TM18 Photoelectric Sensor
    Banner TM18 Photoelectric Sensor This compact photoelectric sensor is suitable for heavy duty service. The all-metal (nickel-plated die cast zinc), mechanically robust construction is ideal on conveyors or on machines in washdown environments and IP69K applications. The housing is designed with an 18mm threaded barrel mount and integral metal QD.

    pdfTM18 Product Brochure609.23 KB
    pdfTM18 Technical Datasheet302.24 KB
  • Turck Q-Track Linear Position Sensors
    Turck Q-Track Linear Position Sensors TURCK's Q-track inductive sensor operation is based on the RLC resistance inductance capacitance principle that incorporate precisely manufactured printed emitter and receiver coil systems. The emitter coils are activated with a high frequency AC field and produce an inductive RLC circuit with the positioning element. The element is inductively coupled with the receiver coils, which are arranged so different voltages are induced in the coils, depending on the position of the actuator. The voltages serve as a measure for the sensor signal. Q-track sensors deliver maximum measuring spans, with minimal blind zone and high resistance to EMI/RFI noise interference. The Q-track sensors available are three housing styles Q14, Q17L and Q25 with measuring lengths from 25mm to 1,000mm. In addition, TURCK offers a rotary QR14 package with 360 degree rotational feedback.

    pdfTurck Q-Track Linear Position Sensor Brochure.pdf1.42 MB
  • Omron ZX1 Laser Sensor with Built-in Amplifier
    Omron ZX1 Laser Sensor with Built-in Amplifier Highest performance for optimized productivity - Omron ZX1 is now available in matchbox size. We are defining a new class of measurement sensors using an advanced HSDR-CMOS (High Speed and Dynamic Range) camera chip.

    - Stable measurement for objects with any surface
    - Best in class performance for accuracy and speed
    - Compact size for quick mounting
    - Increased measurement range
    - Simple configuration by one-button, smart tuning
    - Reliable measurement in harsh environments
    - Integrated display

    pdfOmron ZX1 Laser Sensor Brochure.pdf1.7 MB
  • Banner QS30 Photoelectric Sensor
    Banner QS30 Photoelectric Sensor Banner's mid-size QS30 photoelectric sensors work well for position sensing applications and process automation with a much larger sensing range and optimal detection. Several sensing modes are available with an opposed mode sensing range up to 60 m.

    pdfBanner WorldBeam Family Brochure2.64 MB
    pdfBanner QS30 Adjustable Field Brochure2.39 MB
  • EPC Tru-Trac Encoder
    EPC Tru-Trac Encoder An integrated encoder and spring loaded measuring wheel assembly available in one, easy-to-use, compact unit. The NEW Tru-TracTM by Encoder Products Company is a versatile solution for tracking velocity, position, or distance over a wide variety of surfaces in almost any application. It's spring-loaded torsion arm provides a simple-to-adjust torsion load, allowing the Tru-TracTM to be mounted in almost any orientation- even upside-down. The threaded shaft on the pivot axis is field reversible providing mounting access from either side. The Tru-TracTM housing is a durable, conductive composite material that will eliminate static build up. With operating speeds up to 3000 feet per minute and a wide variety of configuration options, it's easy to see the Tru-TracTM is the ideal solution for countless applications.

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