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Pharmaceutical & Medical Industry Solutions

Uncompromising quality and purity are keynote in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical and medical products. Ramco Innovations has the products and solutions to meet your need for high speed production, inspection and packaging in these critical operations. Our engineers can assist you in the selection and support of control, communications, motion, sensing & vision product to support your manufacturing processes. Solutions For:
  • Solid Dose Packaging
  • Closure and Sealing
  • Process Monitoring
  • Lab and Diagnostic Automation

Brands We Sell

Some of the vendors we represent:
Banner Turck Omron ABB Unitronics
Exlar Red Lion Euchner Control Techniques  

Potential Applications

  • Tamper-Proof Band Verification
    Tamper-Proof Band Verification Using Ultra Violent light technology enables tamper-proof seals on medication bottles to be detected.  The UV light only reflects when the material from the tamper-proof seal is present, ensuring no bottles leave the production line without a seal.
  • Tablet Count Verification
    Tablet Count Verification High accuracy fiber optic sensors can be utilized to detect and count small tablets, capsules, and translucent gelcaps in high speed counting applications.

Popular Products

We carry thousands of products from dozens of leading manufacturers. Here are some examples:

  • Banner QM26 & QMH26
    Banner QM26 & QMH26 Banner is introducing the QM26 and QMH26, a 316 stainless steel product, designed to serve the food and pharmaceutical industry where plastic sensors are not acceptable. Food and Drug safety concerns have introduced a market need for a more cleanable product that can stand up to hot high pressure and chemical wash down. Exposed threads and crevices that are difficult to clean and sanitize on food and pharmaceutical production equipment are closely scrutinized by field inspectors. Both models provide a beyond rugged and cleanable alternative designed for the harshest of washdown environments. It includes a coaxial polarized retro reflective option for clear object detection and excellent back ground suppression models. The QMH26 model is hygienically designed, featuring smooth stainless surfaces and a self draining housing shape.
  • Emerson Epsilon EP Servo Drive
    Emerson Epsilon EP Servo Drive The compact, easy-to-use Epsilon EP servo drive is scalable from a simple amplifier to a completely programmable 1.5-axis motion controller. For added application flexibility, the Epsilon EP is available in three models: Epsilon EP-B (base), Epsilon EP-I (indexer), and Epsilon EP-P (programming).

    Each model is available with five drive power stages: 2.2A, 4.0A, 6.5A, 9.0A and 16.0A. This provides the capability to deliver over 198lb-in (22.4Nm) of torque at the rated motor speed and 396lb-in (44.8Nm) of peak torque for high demanding, pulse-duty applications. The Epsilon EP offers four of the most popular network connections for industrial controls: RS485 (with standard Modbus RTU interface) is on all models allowing interfacing to PC tools, simple HMI's and drive-to-drive configurations.

    pdfEmerson Epsilon Servo Drive Brochure5.59 MB
  • Turck BL67 Modular I/O System
    Turck BL67 Modular I/O System The BL67 modular concept is a very flexible approach to connectorized I/O. The system is made up of a gateway for network interface, electronic modules for I/O signals, and base modules for connectorization. The gateway provides communication between the fieldbus and the I/O modules. I/O modules are not dependent on the fieldbus protocol. The DIN-rail or frame mountable base modules are available witheurofast®, minifast® and picofast® connectors. The electronic modules are hot swappable. The system supports multiple networks and a wide variety of I/O signals in a rugged housing.

    pdfTurck Distributed IO BL67 Brochure5.81 MB

  • Banner iVu Image & Bar Code Reader (BCR) Sensors
    Banner iVu Image & Bar Code Reader (BCR) Sensors Robust yet easy-to-use self-contained vision sensors perform automated inspections that previously required costly and complex vision systems.

    pdfBanner iVu Product Guide3.08 MB
    pdfBanner iVu Image Sensor Datasheet708.21 KB

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