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Process Monitoring & Control

Process monitoring and control systems are essential to maintaining the quality, productivity, and efficiency manufactures need to be competitive in today's global market. Ramco has a wide range of sensors to monitor your critical manufacturing operations and control the manufacturing variables that impact your bottom line. We can also provide data acquisition, display, and communications products to integrate with your information technology systems. Solutions For:
  • Line Productivity Display
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Temperature and Humidity Control

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We carry quality products from leading manufacturers including:
Banner Turck Omron Red Lion Control Techniques
Unitronics Eaton Xycom Dwyer Exlar 

Potential Applications

  • Line Productivity Display
    Line Productivity Display Having the ability to track efficiency and quality can give you a competitive advantage over your competition.  Using a data-acquisition device to monitor data coming from line PLC's will allow you to track productivity from all lines.  Data such as line down-time, parts produced, line efficiency, and line status can all be tracked and displayed. 

Popular Products

We carry thousands of products from dozens of leading manufacturers. Here are some examples:

  • Exlar Linear Actuator
    Exlar Linear Actuator Exlar linear actuators are used throughout the process control industry for the positioning of flow control devices such as globe valves, gate valves, rotary valves, and dampers. Exlar utilize roller screw technology that provides several advantages over the traditional pneumatic, hydraulic or spur gear drives.  High precision, speed, repeatability, and long life are just a few of the advantages of the Exlar linear actuators.
  • Red Lion Productivity Station
    Red Lion Productivity Station Red Lion's ProducTVity Station lets you create your own sophisticated production scoreboard using standard, consumer-grade LCD, LED or plasma TVs you can purchase for less than $500.

    pdfRed Lion Productivity Station Brochure913.34 KB

    pdfSeven Common KPIs for Production Monitoring453.7 KB
  • Omron Temperature and Process Controller
    Omron Temperature and Process Controller Omron's next generation of controllers - the E5_C, which set new global standards in the crucial areas of precision, user friendliness and control performance. The E5_C series will save you time and effort in set-up and operation, while enabling faster and more accurate monitoring/control of your process. The high-visibility display of the new series is also extremely easy to read and virtually eliminates any possibility for human error.

    With key features like simplicity in operation, Omron's patented PID control, 50ms sampling period and the ability to handle multi-funtional input and output types, the E5_C sets a new standard in fast and precise temperature regulation. It has all the familiar functionality available from existing Omron temperature controllers to cover virtually any general-purpose demand. And naturally, the versatile E5_C series is available with input/output combinations to perfectly match all of your requirements.

    pdfE5 Series DataSheet5.2 MB
  • Red Lion Modular Controller
    Red Lion Modular Controller Red Lion's Modular Controller series offers a cost effective solution to integrating multi-zone PID control, data acquisition and I/O into your PC, DCS or PLC control system. You can drag and drop controller data to PLC registers in seconds using point-and-click data mapping from an extensive menu of built-in serial and Ethernet drivers. No tedious PLC code to write.

    Instantly Ethernet-enable your PLC for free! Not only are programming costs slashed, you can eliminate costly add-on I/O and analog cards and solve applications simply using an inexpensive brick PLC.

    The high-density DIN rail design saves panel space and eliminates cutouts. All modules can be hot-swapped -- the master automatically programs a replaced module.

    pdfRed Lion Modular Controller Brochure468.23 KB
  • TURCK PS300 Series Pressure Sensors
    TURCK PS300 Series Pressure Sensors TURCK PS300 series of pressure sensors designed for hydraulic applications feature rugged, IP69k rated design to withstand harsh environments. PS300 sensors provide a wide measuring range, from 3 to 400 bar. Signals are directly processed on the PS300's newly developed pressure measuring cell, and then digitally transferred to the sensor's fully potted, self-contained display. This design offers a high level of EMC resistance and an excellent switch point accuracy of 0.5 percent of the full scale. The PS500 series features a rotatable housing design with an IP67 enclosure rating.

    pdfTurck PS Series Pressure Sensors5.64 MB

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