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Pick & Place / Motion

Motion control and robotics have been helping companies across all industries become stronger global competitors by increasing precision, quality, and overall manufacturing efficiency. To succeed in today's economy you need the right solution provider, the right technology and the right expertise. For over 50 years Ramco Innovations has brought world-class solutions and expertise to the Iowa and Nebraska market. Ramco's broad product offering and extensive experience with servo and stepper systems as well as 4 and 6 axis robots are a valuable resource for your motion applications. Solutions For:
  • Product Packaging
  • Parts Assembly
  • Parts Sorting

Brands We Sell

We've Got What You Need:

We carry quality products from leading manufacturers including:
Omron ABB Bishop Wisecarver Exlar Control Techniques
Unitronics Oriental Motor Encoder Stober  

Potential Applications

  • High Speed Palletizing System
    High Speed Palletizing System Vision Sensors detect the position of supplied parts to enable high-speed palletizing. High-speed Cameras and reduced image processing time enable high-speed processing. Furthermore, you can combine with OMRON EtherCAT-compliant Servo Drives and Position Control Units to minimize the time from image input to Servo startup.

Popular Products

We carry thousands of products from dozens of leading manufacturers. Here are some examples:

  • Emerson Epsilon EP Servo Drive
    Emerson Epsilon EP Servo Drive The compact, easy-to-use Epsilon EP servo drive is scalable from a simple amplifier to a completely programmable 1.5-axis motion controller. For added application flexibility, the Epsilon EP is available in three models: Epsilon EP-B (base), Epsilon EP-I (indexer), and Epsilon EP-P (programming).

    Each model is available with five drive power stages: 2.2A, 4.0A, 6.5A, 9.0A and 16.0A. This provides the capability to deliver over 198lb-in (22.4Nm) of torque at the rated motor speed and 396lb-in (44.8Nm) of peak torque for high demanding, pulse-duty applications. The Epsilon EP offers four of the most popular network connections for industrial controls: RS485 (with standard Modbus RTU interface) is on all models allowing interfacing to PC tools, simple HMI's and drive-to-drive configurations.

    pdfEmerson Epsilon Servo Drive Brochure5.59 MB
  • Bishop Wisecarver LoPro Actuated Linear Guidance System
    Bishop Wisecarver LoPro Actuated Linear Guidance System When a standalone unit is required, our range of belt, chain, lead screw and ball screw actuators covers all applications from low load to heavy duty, from fast to slow speeds. Corrosion-resistant versions to accommodate food and laboratory applications are available in several of our linear actuator lines.

    - Guide wheel-based linear actuators and motion stages
    - Power transmission via reinforced belt, roller chain, ball screw, or lead screw
    - Motor mounts for motors and gearboxes from any manufacturer
    - High rigidity and high capacity for excellent durability
    - Designs for every environment from clean room to extra dirty, oven to freezer
    - Stainless steel, carbon steel, polymer and aluminum

    pdfBishop Wisecarver LoPro Catalog7.65 MB
  • Oriental EZ Limo
    Oriental EZ Limo Motorized Cylinders - EZC II Series

    The EZC II series is a space saving ball screw system ideal for high speed positioning of large transportable masses or applications where the load is pushed or pulled. The EZC II Series motorized cylinder employs an AlphaStep stepping motor and controller system for tuning-free, closed loop operation.

    pdfOriental EZ Limo Data Sheet494.48 KB

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