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Object Detection / Counting

In a world where quality and traceability directly affect the bottom line, sensors for object detection are critical to every manufacturing process. Ramco Innovations has 50+ years of experience in the application, selection, and support of world-class products that will help you improve your process efficiency through detection, inspection, and identification. By combining leading edge products with our passionate people and unequaled service, we will provide you best in-class solutions for your sensing applications. Solutions For:
  • Clear Bottle Detection
  • Feed Loop Detection
  • Pill Counting/Gel Tablet Detection

Brands We Sell

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We carry quality products from leading manufacturers including:
Banner Turck Omron Red Lion Eaton

Potential Applications

  • Clear Bottle Detection Using Ultrasonic Sensors
    Clear Bottle Detection Using Ultrasonic Sensors Clear object detection causes issues for traditional photoelectric sensors because the emitting light from the sensor has difficulty reflecting off the clear surface of the object. Ultrasonic sensors eliminate this issue by emitting a wave of sound that can be reflected or interrupted by almost any material. Each passing clear bottle will interrupt the sound wave resulting in an output being produced.
  • Gel Tablet Counting
    Gel Tablet Counting In pharmaceutical bottling applications, it's necessary to quickly and accurately count small pills, tablets, and gelatin tablets to ensure that the bottles are filled to the correct level. Since the exact locations of the pills as they drop are unpredictable, a fiber optic array with precise thresholds paired with a sensor possessing the high-speed electronics required to make split-second decisions is the ideal solution.

Popular Products

We carry thousands of products from dozens of leading manufacturers. Here are some examples:

  • Banner Q45UR Ultrasonic Sensor
    Banner Q45UR Ultrasonic Sensor The Q45UR remote head ultrasonic sensor has solved many challenging applications where the criterion of acceptable and not acceptable is judged based on distance from the sensor. Because an ultrasonic sensor processes signals based on distance to an identified surface, it is not affected by variations in target color. Provided the target presents enough surface area to reflect sound energy back to the sensor head, it need not be precisely aligned within the radiation pattern in the X & Y axis allowing for variations in part and tooling position related to the process.
  • Red Lion Indication Counters
    Red Lion Indication Counters Totalizing, Preset, Batch, Counter/Rate. The most comprehensive selection available. Choose counters from simple switch contact to dual quadrature signal with communications and control. A wide range of models, sizes, and capabilities, including outputs and communication will meet your every requirement.

  • Unitronics Jazz - Micro PLC with Text-Based HMI
    Unitronics Jazz - Micro PLC with Text-Based HMI Replace that "smart relay" with a real PLC—for the same low price.

    Jazz™ is a full-function Programmable Logic Controller with onboard I/Os and a built-in Operator Panel. Jazz™ is specifically designed to control small machines, and to perform simple-to-medium automation tasks. Compact and economical, Jazz™ enables you to use a low-budget unit without compromising on features and technology.

    Jazz™ offers the flexibility of Ladder programming (24K Ladder code, virtual), on-board I/O configurations (some models with direct temperature inputs), communication options such as GSM/SMS, Remote Access, and MODBUS networking. The Jazz™ HMI application enables you to design up to 60 text screens, using up to 64 HMI variables for the display of time, date, and real-time system data. Jazz™ programming is as easy as it gets—build Ladder Logic control applications using click-and-drop elements...and create your HMI application in the same simple environment.

  • Turck Proximity Sensors
    Turck Proximity Sensors Capacitive proximity switches are designed for non-contact and wear-free detection of metal (electrically conductive) and non-metal (electrically non-conductive) objects.

    pdfTurck Sensors Part Number Guide627.57 KB

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